It is Mick Shemesian’s high level of experience that led to his choice as a member of was the Board of Directors for Arak Resources and Cobalt 27, positions he has held for the past few years. It is certainly why he has served as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for EML since 2005. He began his career working in the Pilbara region of Australia, but he has also worked as a prospector in Asia, Africa and North America, as well.

Mick Shemesian believes strongly in using the newest and most effective technologies to maintain the constant flow of certain minerals going because that is a sure way to keep the global economy productive and moving forward. The efforts of mineral prospectors like Mick Shemesian are important elements to keeping minerals prices as steady as possible. That is a good outcome for everyone, from companies and manufacturers to consumers. Because of certain advancements in technology, a significant scarcity of some mineral resources often exists. That reality makes the work of mineral prospectors like Mick Shemesian extremely important. Mick is highly respected in the minerals prospecting industry, in part because of his experience, but also his skills.