Professional mineral prospectors like Mick Shemesian have shown themselves to be critically important to the industry because, when they do their job well, they constantly locate new resources fo minerals and materials that are critical to the economic future. Mick’s decades of experience has led to his being considered an expert in the prospecting field. Also, because his experience is global in scope, it is even more valuable. Thanks to major technological advancements that employ large amounts of new and relatively rare mineral resources, there has developed a significant scarcity of some minerals that society needs and uses most often.
The bottom line is, professional mineral prospector Mick Shemesian has developed a great reputation over a couple of decades. That is because of his deep involvement in all aspects of finding and extracting mineral resources. including identification, review, and analysis of mineral deposits on four continents. Because so many other markets are so volatile, it is vitally important to keep the market for minerals as stable as possible, which means maintaining the largest possible stockpiles. Because the cost of such a thing is very high, it is critically important to keep the flow of mineral resources moving.

Technological advances do hold out the promise that many of mineral resources may someday be replaced. However, that will take years, if not decades, so right now, keeping the material flowing is important and will be for a long time. Many industries depend heavily on mineral prospectors like Mick Shemesian to help keep the flow of necessary minerals moving. Just because Mick defies the stereotype of a prospector because he wears a sit and doesn’t usually carry a pick axe doesn’t mean he’s not important.

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